Here will find the answers to frequently asked questions on: SelfCookingCenter®, accessories and technical service.


How can I use a SelfCookingCenter® in à-la-carte operation?

iLevelControl is the perfect solution for rolling mixed loads.

Various food can be cooked together at the same time thanks to the intelligent mixed loads. Using sensors, iCookingControl® automatically recognises the load quantity and door opening times and interactively adjusts the cooking process. You are always best informed on the cooking process as the individual cooking times of each rack are displayed on the control panel..

Do I always have to preheat a SelfCookingCenter®?

To achieve perfect results, it is necessary to preheat the SelfCookingCenter®.

How do I know how long the cooking time lasts?

As soon as the SelfCookingCenter® has recognised the size, load quantity and product type, the remaining cooking time is displayed on the screen. This time is continually adjusted to ensure food is cooked to perfection according to your wishes. The cooking time is generally 10-15 % faster than with conventional cooking technologies.

Can I prepare frozen meat and frozen fish in the appliances?

As with traditional forms of food production and preparation, the best results are achieved using fresh food. If you let frozen goods defrost first in the chill cabinet, you can use them as fresh goods to ensure a better quality.

How can I prepare steaks of different sizes?

In the “Pan-fried – Fingerfood” mode, you can program different cooking times depending on the type of steak you are cooking. Using the core temperature probe, the cooking path is adjusted automatically to the size of the steak.

In the iCookingControl® Roast modes, you can manually select between thin and thick steaks.

Can I grill and steam at the same time?

With a Combi-Duo, you can grill in one appliance and steam in the other.

Otherwise, this is physically impossible in the other appliances.

Software – how can I find out which software is installed on my appliance and how can I update it?

You can find out what software is installed on your SelfCookingCenter® in the Settings menu. To update software, you need to log in to Club RATIONAL . You can download the latest software version there.

How do I change the number of racks in the iLevelControl mode?

You can change the number of racks displayed on the iLevelControl screen in the Settings menu. (Settings – Rack order – Select number of racks….)

Finishing® - what can be loaded at the same time?

Everything what requires the same climate and humidity.

Examples: Ratatouille + salmon, grilled vegetables + steak, French fries + spinach

How and where can I program the preselect start function?

Settings – Expert setting – Preselect start time – Date & Time – Select settings


How can I give my steaks traditional grill marks?

Without the need to pre-heat, the ‘cross and stripe grill grate’ accessory provides two different grill patterns with just one grate. Depending on which side you use, the cross and stripe grill grate will either give your products the classic grill stripes or the popular original American steakhouse pattern.

How can I prepare a stock?

You can achieve fantastic results in terms of colour and flavour when you bake vegetables and bones in the SelfCookingCenter®. You can also save the time usually spent on monitoring, checking and stirring the food which is usually the most time-consuming part when preparing a stock.

Can I cook spaghetti in a sauce?

You achieve the best results with short pasta shapes (e.g. spirelli).

Can I prepare fish in batter in the SelfCookingCenter®?

Convenience goods such as battered fish or bread-coated food can be easily prepared in the “Fish / Bread-coated” cooking process.

How do I cook rice in the SelfCookingCenter®?

Ingredients: 1kg rice, 1.8l water, rust-free stainless steel container (65 mm deep)

With iCookingControl®: Select iCookingControl®, side dishes, cook rice
Manual: Select 100 % steam for approx. 20 min.

Can you cook pasta in the SelfCookingCenter®?

Yes, you can. However we do not recommend preparing dry pasta. Dry pasta should be cooked directly in the sauce (see recipes in Club RATIONAL). Fresh pasta such as gnocchi or ravioli can be prepared in a little oil in a deep, stainless steel container (65mm deep) at 100% steam.

Special versions.

What are the differences between the ship version appliance option and the standard SelfCooking Center®?

The ship version has been designed for passenger ships as well as other army and marine vessels.


  • Tabletop appliances are secured on base frames
  • Appliances doors are secured with door stoppers to prevent the doors slamming shut during rough sea crossings
  • Hinging racks can be locked in position in the cooking cabinet
  • GM containers are prevented from slipping out at the front and back
  • Vibration-proof installation of wire harnesses and electric components
  • In addition to a floor attachment feature, the free-standing appliances are also fitted with 2 brackets to fasten the appliance to the ship’s wall

Test marks:

Germanischer Lloyd (certified for use at sea), CE, VDE, DVGW, NSF and UL


  • 6 x 1/1 GN
  • 6 x 2/1 GN
  • 10 x 1/1 GN
  • 10 x 2/1 GN
  • 20 x 1/1 GN
  • 20 x 2/1 GN
What are the differences between the security version appliance option and the standard SelfCooking Center®?

The security versions of the SelfCooking Center® comply with the regulations for the operation of machinery and equipment in prisons.

These versions include:

  • Door protection grill
  • Securely mounted, retractable handle for the mobile oven rack
  • Lockable door handle
  • Lockable control panel
What is the difference between the appliance option with lockable control panel and the standard version of the SelfCooking Center®?

The lockable control panel is fitted with virtually unbreakable glass (Lexan®) and can be easily locked. The control panel is clearly visible even when closed. Optional for all appliance sizes.

What is the difference between the integrated fat drain appliance option and the standard SelfCooking Center®?

The integrated fat drain is a built-in feature and cannot be retrofitted.

During cooking, excess fat drips into a slanted tray which is connected by an outlet opening to the cooking cabinet base. The fat is collected outside the SelfCooking Center® through a flexible outlet pipe in 2 fat containers.

If desired, the container set can also be ordered separately under item number 8710.1305.

Intelligent functions: iCookingControl®.

What is the difference between iCookingControl® & iLevelControl?

iCookingControl® is the intelligence in the SelfCookingCenter® and responsible for the unique cooking results and perfect for individual products.

iLevelControl: Allows limitless flexibility in food production. Using the SelfCookingCenter®, you can cook everything with the same cooking climate in mixed loads on various racks – with time tickets or the core temperature probe.

Intelligent functions: Efficient CareControl.

Can you leave the appliance unsupervised, e.g. overnight, to clean?

Yes the SelfCookingCenter® is designed for unsupervised operation. It has been certified by the VDE.

Note: The power supply to the SelfCookingCenter® must of course be guaranteed overnight. The kitchen’s power supply must not be interrupted in the evening by turning off the mains switch.

Can you use liquid cleaning agents and rinse aids for the SelfCookingCenter®?

In general, we recommend cleaning the appliance with cleaning and rinsing tabs designed especially for the SelfCookingCenter®. Liquid grill cleaners and special liquid cleaning agents can be used to manually clean the appliance using the hand spray gun.

Are the cleaning and rinsing tabs biologically degradable?

Yes the cleaning and rinsing tabs are biologically degradable.

What is the shelf life of the cleaning and rinsing tabs?

When stored as intended (in cool and dry place), the cleaning and rinsing tabs can be kept for at least 2 years. Extreme storage temperatures must be avoided. The production date is printed on a separate label.

Is the SelfCookingCenter® a self-cleaning appliance?

Yes. Efficient CareControl automatically determines how much cleaning and care is required for the appliance and automatically proposes the optimum cleaning. The selected cleaning process then starts automatically.

Where can I order the cleaning tabs?

You can order cleaning tabs suitable for your SelfCookingCenter® directly from your RATIONAL dealer.

What does the function Care and Maintenance Status & Clean mean on the Efficient CareControl screen?

Care and maintenance status: The care and maintenance status provides an overview of the general condition of the appliance and the cleaning routine.

Clean: The Clean function displays the current soiling status of the appliance. (dirty or clean)

Can I interrupt a cleaning cycle?

Yes the cleaning cycle can be interrupted however a rinsing cycle MUST be performed afterwards to remove cleaning agent residues.

What if the customer is already using a central water softening system?

It is not necessary to connect the SelfCookingCenter® to the softening system.

If the SelfCookingCenter® is used with a water softening system, Efficient CareControl will recognise this and less care tabs are used.

What is the benefit of the automatic recognition of the cleaning level and cleaning time?
  • Damages caused by the inadequate cleaning of the appliance are avoided.
  • Costs for optimum cleaning are minimised.
  • Operation is significantly easier.
What do the red and blue bars on the Efficient CareControl display mean?

Efficient CareControl shows on a colour scale from green to red the maintenance and care status of the appliance including the level of lime scale in the steam generator and the cleaning status.

Green indicates a clean and well-maintained appliance.

Red indicates that it is urgently necessary to clean the appliance.

The cleaning options and cleaning recommendations are also indicated in the bars.

What are the advantages of a fresh steam system with steam generator compared to a steam-injection system?

Perfect food quality requires a precise regulation of steam at all times.

Generating steam outside the cooking cabinet prevents dirt, residues and hazardous substances entering the cabinet. You also achieve optimal uniformity and minimise power consumption and material wear on the heating elements. A fresh steam generator is also more hygienic.