Baking variety. Quality your customers love.

Be inspired by the unique diversity – and expand your range with baker’s quality delicious fresh baked goods.

Whether you’re making bread rolls, croissants, Danish or cakes, you will have successful results, it’s also extremely easy to use. You determine the desired result, such as the browning of the product, and iCookingControl will do the rest and always exactly to the letter.

Overview of advantages:

  • Easy to use, even for temporary staff
  • Saves time and provides relief from time-consuming routines
  • Automatically uses 100% of the technological capability
  • Best baking results, can be reproduced at any time

Concentrate on the essentials. 

Customer satisfaction through iCookingControl.

Relieved of daily routines such as monitoring or readjustment, you can concentrate on what’s important – satisfied customers.

While the baking process is running, the SelfCookingCenter® keeps you continually in the loop. You are informed on the baking progress at all times.